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Demo Available

The demo features 30+ minutes of gameplay tutorial. You'll experience the main "tutorial" within the cottage, and then be allowed to explore the Brookwood Forest. Do note that the Forest is technically attuned for a 3-person party, while you'll be limited to 2 for this demo. Story progression is locked.

Quick Synopsis

A young woman awakens in the forest with no memories of her past. When she stumbles across an abandoned cottage, she decides to spruce it up a bit and call it home until her memory returns. After meeting the true owner's nephew, she discovers that the cottage once belonged to one of the greatest Runesmiths in the world, although now rundown due to years of abandonment, and that she too might be a talented Runesmith!

Due to this revelation, she is allowed to stay at the cottage under two conditions:

  1. She must help the nephew search for the long-lost Runesmith
  2. She must renovate and maintain the cottage as a Runesmithing Emporium

Taking on the name Evie, she is thrust into a world of magic and monsters, using magical crafting to make her way across the land to save the missing Runesmith.

Gameplay Features

  • Restore an abandoned cottage. Clean it up and pay for additions to make the Emporium larger.
  • Craft items to sell at your Emporium. Gather resources from the fields and the monsters to help with your crafting.
  • Manage your shop by filling the shelves with your crafted items, then watch as NPCs come in and purchase your wares.
  • All abilities in battle use items to cast, such as Arrows for the Archer and Crystals for the Mage.
  • Evie crafts what you need both before and during battle.
  • Follow a story through multiple lands, searching for the missing Runesmith!


  • Prologue complete ✓
  • Chapter 1 complete ✓
  • Chapter 2 in progress
  • Chapter 3 pending
  • Chapter 4 pending
  • All chapters from beginning to end have their main stories already planned and written. I just need to fill in the holes, and implement!
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Simulation
TagsCrafting, Fantasy, RPG Maker


Evie Demo 23Feb2019.zip 283 MB


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Great game!  I'm eager to play the full version.  Is it still in the works?

Hello! Thank you for the game! I've played the demo and as RPG fan and as RPG Maker very minimal user, here is my review:


  • Beautiful map and environment. Just loved it!
  • Nice battle system. Liked the crafting and the preparing before battle.
  • The soundtrack was fine.
  • The plot seemed interesting aswell
  • Liked the concept of the store and the clock.
  • Did not felt bored at all while playing. I was curious about the town and hoped to play more


  • There were somethings that recalled me to much of RPG maker vanilla 
  • The narrative was not very entertaning.
  • The sound effects were a bit cringy
  • Did not like at all how Tarin was so mad and suddenly he was so nice to us (maybe he is bipolar? Or cursed inside when inside those walls?) and started a lecture while the wolf was wating for it to finish. 
  •  Monsters to much overleveled? Or I'm just bad. Don't know, it's ok the the main character doesn't fight well, but Tarin seemed a more experient adventurer.

From 1 to 5:

Ambience: 4,5

Menu and layouts: 4

Fighting system: 4

Music: 4

Sound effects: 2,5

Plot: 4

Narrative: 3

Hope you continue the game cause it looks promesing! Also I'm a fan of your work!

Hello, I like your work very much. Do you have email or other communication software to communicate with?

I could see myself paying for a full version of this, It was pretty fun. I didn't encounter any bugs. The only think I can say is thats not my favorite style of facial hair on tarin, but its not that bad. Everything else is beautiful, from the environment to the ui. I really liked the cottage, and the battle ui was probably my favorite.


That is so kind of you! I didn't know how to even respond! Thank you so much. You're not the first person to mention Tarin's facial hair, LOL. I should probably do something about that at some point if this becomes a recurring theme...